• Meet the Bits

    Meet the bits....

    Regan, Kennedy and Pierce. Named after Presidents so that they grow up with the added pressure to amount to something more than 30 year old men living on the couches of mom and dad. I'm Scott aka Dad and my lovely wife Stephanie can do no their eyes and mine. We live a pretty crazy life filled with action, adventure, and lots of fun so long as everyone follows a few simple rules...

    no poking
    no prodding
    no crying
    no complaining
    no hitting
    no slapping
    no biting
    no taking
    no complaining
    your pants are not a toilet
    your shirt is not a napkin
    chew with your mouth closed
    speak with your eyes on me
    say please, thank you and no thank you
    your toys are community
    what mom says goes
    what dad says goes
    levers, buttons and switches in the car are not your toys
    the CD player is not a nickel slot machine
    you will share
    flush, damnit
    when you have money YOU can buy what ever you want
    dinner will be served, not ordered  - no alterations to the menu 
    you will protect your brothers
    and if we all just follow these rules, no one will get hurt and everyone will have fun.

    Love, mom and dad.